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Simply Helping Others - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why do you call this program “Simply Helping Others For Life”?

Well.......Like I said in my letter to you, I truly believe you can have everything
you want in life if you just be honest, truthful, and help others.

2) So, Joe. Can I sleep until 3:00 in the afternoon and never have to work and
still make money with this program?

Honestly, you can sleep as long as you want, that's up to you. The only thing you have to do is get your custom made postcards and names from us. Put a stamp on the postcard. Then wait for the $200 money order and checks to start filling your mailbox.

3) You mean I don't have to write a sales letter or come up with a product?

No. You will be using a cheapy (but powerful postcard) that leads to this website and our information product. And don't forget our company ships the product to your customers.

4) How much will it cost to mail these postcards out?

Well, that will be totally up to you. We have put together packages that you can
choose from. Please review the read me link to see the different packages.

*Here's a tip about getting more free names.

It's called “Reverse Mailing”. You probably receive junk mail all the time about money making opportunities. Every time you get a piece of mail that has a person's name as the sender. Just send them a postcard because I guarantee they are still looking for a way to make money. We do this all the time.

5) Could you please tell me again how I will make money with this program?

No Problem. You will have resell rights to our program and you will be offering it to some of the 30 million other people who are looking for a way to make money. They will be happy to join this program because you have given them a business in a box.

6) Will I get paid by you or my customer?

You will get paid by your customers. Remember, with you having resell rights to this program, you basically have your own mail order business. You will get the $200 checks and money orders coming right to your door step.

7) Why does the program cost $397?

We feel like the information we have put together and service we have put together is truly one of the best money-making plans on the market. Also, this price allows you to profit $200.

8) Why don't you give out a phone number?

Well......Like I said earlier. I don't have a huge staff working for me. I want to keep everything running smooth so everybody is happy. I will provide a special e-mail address when you order that you can use if there are ever any questions and you use this same e-mail to let us know you have received your $200 profit from your customers.

And if you really need to talk to us we will give you a call at the number you provide. Honestly, we feel like this information alone has answered every question that could be asked. Most people will just order because they see the power in this.

9) Can I throw a block party for all my family and friends when I get my first $200 money order or check?

Hey, it's up to you! But I think you are going to need a little more than $200 to throw a party and not look like a cheapy.

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