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Simply Helping Others - Read Me

Read Me

Just a quick note on a couple of things.

1) Of course you know I can't promise you how much money you can make but I can promise you this. This has to be the easiest way to make money on the planet.

Remember, after you get five orders you will get 500 free postcards, 500 free names, 500 free stamps.........For life!

Anybody in the world can drop a Free postcard with a Free name and a Free stamp in the mail.

2) Like with any other business, it will take some money to get started. If someone told you different...they lied. But you don't have to give your life's savings to get started. Here's what we have done to make this as easy and inexpensive as possible. We have put together the following packs.

Remember, we customize your postcards so your customers send your $200 directly to you. You can purchase only postcards from us and get your own names or you can purchase both the postcards and names of “Hot Prospects” from us.

Postcards Only
500 -$80
1000 -$125
1500 -$175
2000 -$210
Postcards and Names
500 -$140
1000 -$240
1500 -$335
2000 -$420
Remember after your 1st 5 orders you will start receiving the “Five For Life” pack (500 free postcards, 500 free names, 500 free stamps). Just think.......the 500 free plus whatever other amount you decide to send out...........the profit potential is staggering.

3) You probably noticed we don't have a phone number listed and here's why. This program is very simple, honestly there should be no serious thinking involved. We understand you want to make sure you are dealing with a legit business..........and
we are a legit business that wants to help you.

But we don't have a bunch of employees to handle phone calls. As you probably know you don't want employees when you have your own business(less headaches). We also want to make sure we keep the program running smoothly and not be tied up on the phone.

But we will do this for you. We will provide you with an email address when you order our program. You can contact us with any concerns but again this is ABC simple. And if you don't have an email you can write to us and will will rush you a response.

Please allow us 24 - 48 hours to respond to emails and 3-4 days on snail mail. We will also be more than happy to give you a call with any concerns.

That's It... Now Order!

“The Simply Helping Others For Life” program today!